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We aren’t a bunch of hipsters that think they are “creative.” Nope. No posers here. Our founder actually pushes the limits in every aspect of his life, and with that same intensity, he pours that mentality and culture into Macro Webber. We are easy to work with, truly listen to the client’s needs, actually create and produce uniquely, and quite frankly, we give a damn about your success.

Macro Webber is your one-stop agency for all your digital needs. We specialize in social media, revenue management, search engine optimization, interactive design, website development, and brand development.

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Sumeet Mukherjee, born in the 90s, son of a super cop, a Coder turned Entrepreneur, now a Digital Marketer and Founder of Macro Webber.

After working with multiple hoteilers, Sumeet now loves to help Hotel business owners who face problems with marketing and managing their business by trying to solve their challenges through ‘ACES’ process.

A long time ago he had crossed the 5 years mark in his professional career including experience working with international clients. He has outstanding knowledge of various internet technologies and resources and a strong desire to learn daily all the aspects of digital marketing.

He strives to be the bridge between brands and consumers. His goal is to enhance the company’s brand, increase conversion rates and drive sales, all through the power of digital marketing.

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We are a complete hybrid tech+ and service agency for hotels, restaurants, and travel companies, offering social media, mobile marketing, revenue management, reservations and performance guarantees for over 50+ hospitality companies in more than 4 countries.