December 15, 2021

Sawasstika Eco Park Resort

Sawasstika is a unique eco-friendly resort with lavish greenery all around. It is the finest resort in North Bengal, built in complete harmony with nature. The resort is ideal for those seeking rest, rejuvenation and solace.


Increase Online Presence and Business Revenue

  • Strategy

    Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, OTAs

  • Client

    Sawasstika Eco Park Resort


  • To increase the resort revenue by maximizing number of room nights being booked from OTAs
    Dynamic pricing across OTA’s based on in depth research and analysis of past data.
  • Increase RevPar, ARR, Occupancy, total Revenue for the hotel keeping in mind competition set of resort.
  • To maintain rate parity across all the channels and monitor the same regularly.
  • Increase ranking and positioning of the resort on all channels by content optimization.
  • Increase ranking for hotel listing on OTAs for city search.


  • OTA dominate online sales and resort was unable to capitalize this source of revenue to its fullest potential on its own manpower.
  • Despite being the flagship property, the resort had very low bookings from OTAs and was facing tough competition from other hotels.
  • Loosely defined pricing strategy for OTAs.
  • Extremely cumbersome process of rate updation causing rate disparity.
  • Stop the current CRS/Channel manager and migrate to a new one without affecting the business.
  • Due to the recent pandemic in the city in 2020, the resort was having low occupancy Visibility on OTA’s was low as compared to the hotels immediate competition set.
  • OTA offers and deals were largely left unutilized.

What We Did



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